Rosalie has been painting for over thirty years.  She is well versed in many different mediums, but she prefers using acrylics, because it allows her to achieve the degree of realism and the technical effect she desires.  Her painting technique is achieved by layering paints until the desired colors come through.   The key to her successful paintings include simplicity in composition, vibrant colors, the proper use of dramatic lighting, with the sense of potential for something to happen, and capturing her subject’s emotion, which expresses itself to the viewer.  The artist’s love for God’s word and for nature and the outdoors is her inspiration and where she forms her ideas. Her art work continues to evolve as she experiments by adding organic materials to her paintings. It adds a 3-D quality and further fascinates her viewers and gives her work a unique signature in the art world. 

                Rosalie has been commissioned to paint numerous murals including Trompe l’oeil, and faux finishing.  She has also taught art at various private schools and private lessons. She enjoys creating art performance pieces, such as prophetic worship art before a live audience.

                Rosalie, a lifetime resident of Southern California, received her formal education at California State University Northridge, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Illustration with Cum Laude Honors.  Further training in illustration and figure drawing was taken at both West Valley Art School and Pasadena Art Center College of Design.  Her work has been featured on the CBS television show NCIS . Her work has been exhibited in several southern California galleries.